The OM Thermal Stress System is a cost-effective performance based reliability test methodology which performs both convection reflow assembly simulation and air-to-air thermal cycling.  The methodology is utilized by both the IPC PCQR² and the IPC 6012-QML programs.  OM systems are available for sale and test services are provided by CAT and our service partners.

OM Applications

  • Product acceptance
  • Supplier qualification
  • Design validation
  • Material studies
  • Process verification

OM Advantages

  • Coupon configurations
    • 24 IPC-2221B D-type
    • 12 Highly Accelerated Thermal Shock (HATS™)
    • Custom (including and non-electrical)
  • Convection reflow assembly simulation
    • 230C & 260C profiles per IPC TM-650 2.6.27
    • Custom profiles
  • Thermal cycling
    • Air-to-air methodology per IPC TM-650
    • -75C to 230C temperature range
  • Data Acquisition
    • 4-wire resistance
    • 1 reading/net every second
  • Software
    • Automatic data analysis and report generation
    • Simple temperature profile generation
    • In situ calibration using external temperature standard
  • Web based IPC D-Coupon Generator (click here)
  • Press-fit headers
    • No soldering or cleaning required

Example Reflow Data

Example Thermal Cycling Data

Acceptance Via Performance

  • Product board acceptance based on coupon performance
  • Example requirements
    • <5% change from reflow simulation (6 cycles to 230C)
    • <10% change from thermal cycling (250 cycles from -55 to +125C) 
  • Cross-sections relegated to root cause failure analysis
    • Design, materials, process, etc…

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