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Conductor Analysis Technologies, Inc. is the assignee (owner) of the Highly Accelerated Thermal 
Shock (HATS™)
 patent; US Number 7,287,903.  This thermal stress technology was utilized by CAT from 2003 to 2015 for testing printed circuit via reliability coupons.

HATS™ Testing Recommendations

  • Conductor Analysis Technologies continues to provide testing of HATS™ coupons through the use of the OM Thermal Stress System.  This system is our latest generation of thermal stress technology which performs both convection reflow assembly simulation and air-to-air thermal cycling.
  • Adoption of the IPC D-Coupon.  This coupon is IPC's standard for via reliability testing and is the preferred coupon for the OM Thermal Stress System.

HATS System Replacement Parts

  • Conductor Analysis Technologies is the manufacturer of the HATS™ data acquisition package.  Please contact Tim Estes at tim.estes@cat-test.info for the availability of replacement parts.

HATS Patent Status

  • The Highly Accelerated Thermal 
Shock (HATS™) patent is currently available for license or sale.  Please contact Tim Estes at tim.estes@cat-test.info for more information.

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